Creative Production in English

A Few Branches

Connecting a language to culture makes it possible to create stories that help enhance a reality that sometimes seems boring. With storytelling, we can amplify any message and make it more entertaining, easy to understand, and effective. These are the branches of my creativity.

A black cat walking over a work desk

Suicide Notes From the Loveliest Creatures

A set of super short stories balancing humor and death.

A Thought About:

Unconscious Racism

If you’re not black, you won’t picture another black person in your mind. You wouldn’t even do it if you were trying to have an idea of any situation. So, for instance, you don’t know me. I don’t know you, but, If I tell you this: the other day I went out with my brother and my sister in law, we met at the bar, met some people, had some drinks, walked around the city for a while; you probably wouldn’t think for a minute that anybody in my story could be black. That’s how unconsciously racist we are.

Channel Zapping

Surfing through channels trying to find something appealing to watch is a pretty normal activity, right? But it can get weird sometimes. Like when you’re checking out the DirecTV guide, and you read titles like: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, MadMen, Conan, The Dark Knight, I Gush on Top, Stretched to the Limit 2, Do My Daughter but Do Me First, That’s right, you’re reading the porn programming now, and you weren’t even ready.

Writing for Brands

Writing is home. Stories are the way to get there. That’s why I use words like blocks to build and flowers to decorate a reality that needs to be amplified, recreated, and painted upon so it can inspire again. That’s my job, to tell with a narrative style whatever needs to be said to engage an audience, a brand, or a client, aligning with their values, strategies, and objectives to amplify their speech ultimately.


Time travel and music

Mark Mathosian · Flickr · CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Monotony and fear

Aditya Doshi · Flickr · CC BY-SA 2.0

Songwriting and Music Production

Ukelele, teclado, conejo de crochet y mini amplificador de bajo sobre una mesa de madera.

Stock Music

Stories feel better when you tell them with music. Here you can find original compositions meant to help you create a mood for your storytelling content.


This is my artist persona. Just a guy who turns ideas and stories into songs to express the sensitive side of an ordinary man.

Vista panorámica de una playa en la noche

WM explores the realms of rock and metal. In the first stage of this project, I took on the role of producer. I played, recorded, and mixed most vocals and all instruments except the guitar.

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