Grain of Sand

An Enter Sandman Tribute

Arguably, Enter Sandman by Metallica is one of history’s most memorable rock songs, and that’s why making a cover of it is always risky. So instead of trying to create magic, I decided to tribute the song with a set of content creations.

The Collector

Let’s imagine a different scenario within the same original context. The boy says his prayer and falls asleep like in the song. But before he can close his eyes, he must (as well as you, the reader) decipher the clue-like sounds to discover the origin of the Sandman.

Narrated video

From The Collector, a piece of the story branches out to imagine a moment not described in the original tale. It’s a lullaby called Hurry Up.

Grain of Sand (the song)

Not that the song needed it, but I wanted to extend the narrative a little as part of the storytelling exercise. So, I added a couple of extra lines:

“Dreaming about the future, it seems darker than the past.”

During the second verse, and:

“Sandman will take you down, Sandman will take me down.”

As a new bridge.

Official release
Official clip – The idea was to bring as many elements as possible from The Collector, merging nightmares with the regular life events of the story.

All design and video elements were created and/or edited by @Luis R

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